Monday, July 18, 2011

A Sight In Black 'n' White.

Hellooooo. I've missed You.

Well, well, well. By way of explanation, I've been editing my holiday video's into mini-movies and so far, I've got 5 hours in the can. I'm using Pinnacle Ultimate Studio Suite and I must say, it's doing a terrific job. Mind you, this was my super big OS holiday of 2009 so it's only taken me 1 year and 11 months to get to it. I've had so much fun reliving the unreal moments we experienced and in a way, feel quite regenerated even though I haven't left Australia. I did think though that I should put something on the blog because a) I've missed it and b) my tiny readership may leave me altogether.

I'm very excited at the moment as I've just ordered two Matta Dupatta and Tolani scarves on-line and am waiting for them to arrive. I'm a scarf fiend and love to add to my collection of Sir Alistair Rai, Missoni, Love Quotes and one very special Hermes.

Anyway I had it in my mind to style some black and white looks so here they are. Style credits down the bottom for those interested.

Together and individually, I love all these pieces and thank the amazing designers for their incredible work, particularly Maylee Oh's The Secret Store. You rock...NO, you boulder Ms Oh.

Look 1
Skin: Elena Pale Glow by LAQ
Eyeliner: From LionSkins
Hair: Jenifer in Marilyn tone by LeLutka
Eyes: Silver by Amesi
Shirt: Maylee Oh's Cloudy Blouse by The Secret Store
Pants: July Black Pants from Glam Affair
Shoes: Fame Pumps in Black by LeLutka
Brooch: Eglantine Flower by The Secret Store
Bag: Vintage Clutch by [glow] studio
Earrings: BUTT-ERR Hoops by Diesel Magic
Necklace: Elle Orchid by Muse Fine Jewelery
Gloves: Fine Gloves in Black by The Secret Store

Look 2:
Skin: Elena Pale Glow by LAQ
Hair: Folie d'Ete in Essence tone by Vanity Hair
Eyes: Silver by Amesi
Dress: Popsicle Dress by The Secret Store
Blazer: Eglantine by The Secret Store
Shoes: Fae Wedges by Pixel Mode
Rings: Broadway Cocktail Rings designed by Mag Tennan
Bag: Rete Shoulder Bag by Septem Essentia
Nails: Milky Way Nails in White by Mandala

Look 3:
Skin: Elena Pale Glow by LAQ
Hair: Coup de Coeur in Essence tone by Vanity Hair
Eyes: Silver by Amesi
Dress: Popsicle Dress by The Secret Store
Earrings: Kabuki by Mandala
Hat: Black Party by Lode Hats
Gloves: Cheerno Diamond Gloves in Black by Kletva
Shoes: Saleina in Black by Kalnins


  1. LOVE your black and white pics Chalice! And welcome back, missed you too! hugssss

  2. Awww thank you are always so sweet to me xxxx

    Take care and big hugs.