Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Put The Naughty In Nautical.

Who doesn't love a bit of sailor action??? I guarantee you won't be swabbing any decks in this get up. Head on over to the marina and catch some fun and sun wearing 'Sweet Sailor' leggings and 'Salty Wind' top from The Secret Store. The top is brilliant featuring prim red ribbons front and back that gently sway in the off-shore breeze.

I headed to je suis in search of some accessories and as usual, wasn't disappointed. I found this nautical inspired 'Preta' striped bag, 'Asymetrique' red earrings and Bax Coen bracelets that I purchased in Royal Blue and Suede Red. The bracelets have a terrific menu to be able to change size and color...easy peasy.

I just added my N-Core Cherie X-treme heels and some new hair called 'Kim' in Platinum from Purple Moon Creations.

Ok boys, line up...I'm here for clothing inspection.

Hair: 'Kim' in Platinum from Purple Moon Creations
Skin: 'Elena Glow Skin' in Pale from LAQ
Eyes: 'Icey' eyes from WAP
Top: 'Salty Wind' from The Secret Store
Pants: 'Sweet Sailor' leggings from The Secret Store
Earrings: 'Asymetrique' earrings in Reds by je suis
Bracelets: 'Bax Coen' bracelets in Royal Blue and Suede Red from je suis
Bag: 'Prete' Striped Blue and Red by je suis
Shoes: 'Cherie X-treme' Heels in Red by N-Core


  1. LOVE this! I have been a long time of reader of your blog and was wondering if you would like to exchange blog links. Actually, I have had your link on my blogroll from probably day one. *lol* I will also understand if you feel my blog does not meet your taste or style. Regardless, I still enjoy your posts <3

  2. OMG Lila xxx I had Demented Diva's proudly on my blog link and it must have disappeared when I lost the lost and had to redo it all again. I ADORE your blog and can't thank you enough for coming here to say hello. You are absolutely added...I just love your style and your pics are to die for. Big hugs.