Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pretty Casual In Oyakin.

One thing I always know I'm gonna get when I shop at Oyakin is quality. The textures are always top notch and the construction well executed. I spied these girly jeans complete with lace bows and trimming at the cuff and thought 'me gotta get some of those'. No sooner had I closed my purse when I noticed the 'Romantic' cami in the most stunning hues and the purse was opened once again. Its all kind of boho shabby chic.

"Officer, that is not a bong, its a vase...honestly".

Check out the bum bow. Guaranteed to cover up all manner of flaws.

I'm loving the Vanity Hair $60L weekend special #5 I picked up the other day called Jackie in Essence tone worn here. It's so big, getting out the door was a struggle.

Anyway gorgeous ones. I got some more outfits to blog so I better get to it. Have you noticed the amazing fashion blogs around at the moment? They're better than ever and I think all you people who peruse the fashion feeds are very lucky. You have no excuse to not look FABULOUS.

Oh and by the way. My Cha Cha Blogger Award of the week goes to Lila Quander's blog, Demented Divas. In my opinion, its one of the most stylish, slickest fashion blogs around and the effort that it must take to achieve such a high standard is huge. She just gets it SO right.

The business end:
Hair: Jackie in Essence from Vanity Hair
Skin: Lea in Pale tone by LionSkins
Lip and Eyeshadow Tattoo: From LionSkins
Eyes: Icy Eyes by WAP Designs
Jeans: Vintage Cropped Jeans by Oyakin
Top: Romantic Cami by Oyakin
Shoes: Marquise Sandals in Silver by Coutisane
Necklace: V Day Necklace by Vero Modero
Bag: Dream Silver Clutch by Baiastice
Location: The Looking Glass - Horizon Dream

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