Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pretty Knitty.

When I spotted the knit stockings and big pants with pom poms at Sur+, I just had to have it. At the time I had no clue what to do with it but I knew I'd have fun letting my imagination loose on this one. While the outfit doesn't come with a top and my boobs were free-wheeling, for modesty's sake, I chose this gorgeous little shirt by Chantkare from the recent group gift called Teni.  The knitted bloomer's sit just under the breasts so knew it would be a bit difficult to find something that worked but got lucky with this one.

Wool being such an organic material prompted me to follow this theme and I added feathers in the form of gloves from Eclectica, Folk Forest earrings from glow studio and the Harvest Crown full of natures bounty from LaGyo.

Unorthodox this may be, I love the natural elements used in the various pieces and free from the constraints of pants as we are these days thanks to the Lady of GaGa and others, we can all wear our inside on the outside. I'm loving these Edgy Pumps in Vanilla by House of Fox.

I knew I'd find the bag of my dreams at LeLutka to accompany my variation of a winter outfit and the Birger bag is just what I wanted. Deciding natural makeup would be a sympathetic option, I immediately went to LionSkin's Lea range worn with one of Lion's amazing lash sets.

Chalice thanks:
LionSkins for the skin and lashes.
LeLutka for the Charlize hair.
Chantkare for the Teni top.
Sur+ for the 'What A Knitty' pants and stockings.
Eclectica for the feathered gloves.
LeLutka for the Birger bag.
LaGyo for the Harvest Crown.
House of Fox for the Edgy Pumps.
Glow Studio for the earrings.
Idea Motus for the poses.

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