Friday, January 21, 2011

The Sea Hole Doll.

SLife just feels better knowing I have The Sea Hole to spend my L's in. I've admired Drinkinstein Sorbet's designs for ages and this little number called 'My Heart Dress' is an inspired fusion of red and teal, something you don't often see.

Feeling the need for Chalice intervention, I hunted some accessories in my inventory that were modify to allow for some injection of complimentary color. I started with Morrigan Hyun's Elegance Hat called 'Betty' and changed the color of the netting to teal. I found these gorgeous Jade earrings by junk and again, edited them to apply an alternative color to match my outfit. I tinted the purse from Shopaholic's Anonymous until I was happy with the match.

I encourage all of you fashion plates to modify anything and everything to ensure your accessories are unique and add that extra va va voom to your outfit. It fun and certainly transforms your 'off the rack' wardrobe in something off the charts.

They say it's the little things that count and that is never more valid than in developing your own fashion style. I know for me, I have so much in my inventory that it's easy to just wear it once and lose it in the folders. I love nothing better than rifling through my wardrobe to find things I can adapt and change to give the item a new lease on life.

Skin from LAQ - Claudia 2 Milky Glow.
Hair from LAQ - HB Style #9.
Hair base from LAQ in red.
Dress from The Sea Hole - My Heart Dress.
Shoes from N-Core - Cherie Xtreme Heals.
Hat from Elegance Hats - Betty in Red.
Bag from Shopaholics Anonymous.
Earrings from Junk.
Ring from Finesmith - Rome.


  1. Informative, inspiring and creative! Now I want to go play with editing some of my items. Thanks :)

  2. What a lovely thing to say Samara xx.

    Hope you have lots of fun playing.