Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lemongrass Class.

I need an inventory clean out like never before and while contemplating this task, I fished around halfheartedly subconsciously looking for an excuse not to do it. I stumbled upon this dress from Stitch by Stitch in the color of lemongrass that I purchased a while ago and forgot about. I adore the color and as usual, the quality and fit were spot on.

Please bear with me while I fluff around finding outfits I had planned to blog but with Christmas/New Year sapping my inspiration, I need to remove my finger and just do it.

Skin and cleavage tattoo layer: Claudia 2 Milky Glow Skin (#1) from LAQ.
Hair: Shirelle in Twilight by Exile.
Eyes: Greenlight by WAP Design.
Dress: Cora Rose in Lemongrass from Stitch by Stitch.
Shoes: Black Ballet Pumps from Beatnik.
Gloves: Diamond Gloves by Cheerno.
Collar: Taken from Bodystructure by BiancaF.
Bracelet: Mysterious by je suis.

Sorry guys...SL stuffed up and wouldn't show up LM's on map otherwise I would have included LM's.

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