Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chalice in Wonderland - Ibizarre! How about you?

I've had a soft spot for Ibizarre since I purchased their orange knit pattern tank top and appreciated the fine work of the texturing.  It had been ages since I visited their shop and last night whisked off for a mini-shop to some of my old haunts.  The shop looked different but the quality of the items hadn't changed at all.

Anyusha Lilienthal is Ibizarre's designer and she certainly has an exceptional eye for fashion.  Her pieces are honest, edgy and well constructed.  I couldn't resist this draped jacket with cute fringing.  I often take a deep breath when I shell out for clothes like this because they can be a dog's breakfast of prims that just don't work on the body or in movement but this my dears, is wonderful.  I added the pink leather pants also from Ibizarre, a simple black bra and flower hair piece in a shade of mauve to create an outfit of similar hue's but contrasting textures.

Thank you Ibizarre for your contribution to SL fashion.  I'm very impressed with this jacket.


Someone mentioned in a comment on one of the blogs that it was nice to see pics taken in-world and I thought about it and have to agree.  In-world pics showcasing the talents of sim builders/creaters are much more fun.  I headed of to China for these snaps.  Great photo sim.

The designers:

Hair: Eva in Swedish from Truth
Skin: Estelle Light (Make up 9) by LeLutka
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Big Grey by Nany Merlin
Nails: Purple by Petit Ange
Hair flower: Maude the Mod headband (color change)  by Split Pea
Jacket: Draped Jacket by Ibizarre
Pants: Pink leather by Ibizarre
Shoes: Esprit Noir by Maitreya Gold

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