Friday, January 15, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland - This Is My Secret Dress.

My name is Chalice and I'm a shopaholic in need of an intervention.

Do you ever say "I'm going to save my $L's for as long as possible" and then 5 minutes later find yourself in a shop clicking away?  Well I do.  There are some things where resistance is futile and rather than leave the shop with bad Chalice ringing in my ears saying 'do know you want to', I shortcut all that and just brought it.  The shop in question was 'DONNA FLORA' where wacky, elegant, classy, unique, crazy, quirky all merge together under one roof.

Of course, a lovely dress needs lovely shoes and that was just the excuse I needed to grab LeLutka's Saffron heels which I have coveted for weeks now.  My love affair with orange continues and guided my pointer to the Electric Orange option.  I practically never purchase fat packs because on some level, I do watch my spending so my choices need to be considered.

Donna Flora's new releases are just fabulous but my soft spot for dramatic black led me to buy 'Secret', a wonderfully constructed, umbrella skirted little black dress with a twist.  Oh and her retro DIVA sunnies are the cherry on the top.  I'm loving myself sick in this :-)


Where did she get it?
Skin:  Estelle Light in Make Up #6 from LeLutka
Hair: Estelle hair base with Eclat hair and bangs from LeLutka
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Big Green #4 from Nany Merlin
Nails:  Orange by Petit Ange
Dress: Secret from Donna Flora
Glasses: DIVA glasses by Donna Flora
Shoes: Saffron pumps in Electric Orange from LeLutka
Necklace:  Ethnic from Sonatta Morales

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