Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: I Can't Live Without My.........


It is just amazing what can be produced with 1225 prims.  I brought my 4096sqm piece of  land from Rich Grainger from Virtual World and couldn't be happier with the service.  Barely an uninvited visitor, no grief, no pain in the neck me it's total heaven.  Creating my environment was the most fun I've ever had in SL for a non-builder/designer/artist and I wore out the TP service during the week or two it took me to buy, set up and furnish the house.

I chose a Scarlett Creative home called "Let Me Hang Art 2009" and I adore it.  Having lived briefly in a Dolphin Designs house, I really wanted one of those but it was too prim heavy for my land.  Whilst I loved my Dolphin House to bits, this Scarlett house is more my style and is very, very livable.  By that I mean it's roomy and you can move around so easily not getting stuck with camera limitations. 

My land allows me 1225 prims and I'm so proud of the fact that I was able to incorporate the house, landscaping, sea features and furniture in what I initially thought was a meager amount.  I have two floors of house full of lovely things I thoroughly enjoyed buying and a set up I'm very comfortable with.  When I think I started off renting a room with 50 prims on a womens only island then moved up in the world to 100 prims renting a beach house, there is a vast difference between renting an apartment and having all the permissions inherent in  having your own land.  It just creates another dimension to SL that I had never enjoyed before.

Here is the ground floor only of my little piece of SL that is full of wonderful things I have gathered from many, many SL designers.  Welcome to Chal's Place.


I'll show you upstairs next time.  Need to tidy up the bedroom first.

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