Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: To Those Who Made 2009 So Colorful.

In SL, I packed away the Christmas decorations and the house has lost it's festive spirit so I had a scotch and coke to make up for it.  I always find this after Christmas and it's a task I don't like but in order to move on and grab the new year by the balls, everything had to go.

Someone commented on my blog not so long ago saying  'hope you get a life for Christmas' and its played on my mind some since then.  I've been thinking about who actually does use SL?  Are they all sad losers devoid of friends and family?  Does everyone have social deficits that only through a virtual platform does their life have meaning?  Of course NOT.  Of course I can't be the only one who has an incredibly full and rewarding life but finds great solace and enjoyment in-world?   The people I've had the good fortune to meet are intelligent, talented, articulate and motivated individuals who also get a kick out of living in-world and creating a personal space that they control.  Comments like the one above are easy shots when someone doesn't like what you say or do so in 2010, lets not assume that only the needy, disabled, challenged, unstable, desperate or deranged use SL .  It's full of amazing people who blow my socks off with what they say, do and create.  A happy RL and SL is not exclusive of one another. 

That said, my SL is only as wonderful as the people in it and I wanted to just say thank you to certain elements that have all added to the experience in the last year.  Looking back over the past year, it's been a rollercoaster as life surely is.  Both lives have brought me thrills and spills and I've come to the conclusion that playing around in SL is nothing to be embarrassed about.  It's just another form of expression.

Here's my thank you list that is obviously not limited to only these few.  These are the one's that ring the loudest though

Shops that sell their clothes on racks.  I LOVE U BIG TIME.


Thank you Baiastice.  You've clothed me forever and I love you.


Thank you BiancaF.  You make SL fashion real and edgy.

Thank you LeeZu.  You made my Miss VW dress in 2008 and I appreciated it more than words could say.


Thank you LeLutka.  Keep those creative gems coming.


Thank you Maitreya and Maitreya Gold.  I kiss your feet.


Thank you Split Pea.  /me takes hat off to you.

Thank you Sonatta Morales.  Your Goddess Headpiece is genius.


Thank you Paper Couture.  The new Tableau is wonderful.  Your designs have given SL another dimension is fashion.

And never least, thank you Stitch by Stitch.  Your contribution to SL fashion is simply AMAZING.

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