Friday, January 8, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland - Memories Of The Way We Were.

How embarrassment!  Jumping on the band wagon of fun ideas, I managed to find my original sets of professional photo's taken on the journey to becoming a model.  Unearthing these was like sucking on a lemon or I shoud say, the look on my face once I cast my eyes on these gems.  "OMG Becky look at that hair" keeps paying in my head.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  Really! Was I thinking at all?

Here's a secret.  The photos in the school girl clothes.  That was for a competition and wait for it....I genuinely thought I had a shot. HAHAHA.  /me rolling on the floor with legs akimbo.  I was shocked when I didn't win....can you believe that?  Very shortly after I came to my senses and normalized but the jump from default avatar (not sure what to call her) to school girl Chalice with new hair/skin/eyes/shape brought with it some cognitive distortions and an unhealthy bout of body dysmorphic disorder.  I thought I was a hot, hot, hottie when I was really Cindy, the poor man's Barbie doll. 

The evolution of an avatar has been quite interesting to see and of course, for those really early avatar's, they were confined by what was on offer at the time.  We must really take a good look and thank all those people who have slaved away over their computer's trying to push the boundaries and perfect what LL gave them.  We have come such a long way between then and now.

Smacks for anyone caught laughing.


The now Chalice.  

Thanks Sophia Harlow for thinking up this fun challenge.

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