Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: My New Coat And Nuts To You

I just brought a coat by a designer called Nuts Andel from the store enchanty.  I'm absolutely thrilled with the coat but knowing someone made it who goes by the name Nuts makes me love it even more.  I wish I'd chosen Nuts as my SL name...Nuts Carling.  hmmmm I like.  Anyway I've been in SL so long now I've forgotten why I chose Chalice as a name only to say I like the way it sounds.  I knda like being a cup that holds wine which just happens to be one of my favorite drinks.  Anyway I digress.

enchanty (no capitals please) is a little boutique on Japan Fancy Island and also in the Creator's Pavilion that doesn't stock much but what is in there I've found to be of excellent quality.  My ivory colored coat is so well made and doesn't poke out here and there as you move.  When designers get this right, I have confidence to purchase more from then which I did.  A gorgeously sweet soft  lemon skirt and an amazing pair of thigh tights with textured prim lower leg folds.  Scrummy in white but equally adorable in black, pink, brown and gray.  I was trying to create a soft, cuddly, organic look for those days when you want winter dressing to be stylish but not trussed up like an Eskimo.. I have about 5 inches of exposed skin...I think I can manage that in the name of fashion.  I found my Kalnin's Snowdrift shoes and changed the color via the hud.  Me loves these babies :-)  Yay to Kalnin's.

Anyhoo this is my tribute to Nuts from enchanty just to say...I like your stuff.  You simply nailed this coat.

Oh I also had fun at Shag buying some new hair. This is my first visit to Shag and I found it Shag-a-licious for this picky hair buyer.  The Cherry Pie hair I'm wearing is as elegant and stylish as any hair I've found in SL.  Bravo Mr Shag (aka Sebastien Aries).  Nice of him to provide a little bar upstairs for the weary and spent....this is where I took my snaps.

Chalice is training for the Navy Seals between fashion shoots.

Where did you get it???

Skin: Estelle Light Make Up #10 by LeLetka
Hair: Cherry Pie in Blond by Shag
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Green #4 by Nany Merlin
Coat: Otome Coat in Ivory by enchanty
Skirt: Ohana Skirt in Yellow by enchanty
Tights: Kutushita Tights in White by enchanty
Boots: Snowdrift by Kalnins
Earrings: Charm Earrings from Bonita's Jewelery

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