Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: I'd Kill To Wear Stitch By Stitch

Walk through Stitch By Stitch and really take note of the whole package...the theme.  It's an amazingly brilliant concept and full of a Second Life of work.  Sevenstar Amat is an artist in of course!   Look into the materials and textures and that is blatantly obvious.  I bet my boobs that this creator hasn't yet received the kudos she deserves possibly because she is a humble person who let's her art speak for itself.  It is my job dear fashion lovers, along with my other blogging colleagues, to showcase items we love and in turn, raise the profile of the designers/creators.

This lady is one person I think deserves mind boggling recognition as she continues to provide us with arty, edgy and impeccably crafted fashion items.  This is my week to showcase the work of Sevenstar.  Today I'm wearing Cora - Dark Hour and Seven's Forest Love hat.  A dark frou frou creation of lace and roses, there is always an interesting twist of an accessory hiding somewhere on her pieces.

Please note:  no animal was hurt in the making of this pictorial set...only the chic with the Dark Hour dress met an untimely end as the blood splatter on the camera will atest.

The Players:
Skin: Leona Natural Make Up #3 from Glam Affair
Hair: Veruca 2 in Swedith by Truth
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Green #7 by Nany Merlin
Lashes: Photoshoot 11 lashes by LeLutka
Dress: Core - Dark Hour by Stitch by Stitch
Hat: Forest Love from Stitch by Stitch
Necklace:  Chain Of Love from Stitch by Stitch
Stocklings: Stockings and garter by barbee
Shoes:  Digna from Kalnins

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