Sunday, June 16, 2013

Go On. Mesh With My Head.

Finding titles for all my posts always gives me a laugh.  I'm either listening to a song and use the name or a line from it, am thinking about my ex and want to purge any negative feelings to make some poignant statement only I understand or try to use something about the outfit, look or designer.  So YES I'm featuring something from MESH HEAD.

Recently I was sent this edgy little dress from Mesh Head's designer, Franceco Carrara, called 'Vintage Metal Mini Dress'.  What I love about Mesh Head is the fact that Fran provides huds for many of her items to change either the patterns and/or colors.  Great for those who don't like to change every two seconds (like me) but can still look different at the click of a button.

The earrings and necklace set are called 'Signs' from Bens Beauty.  I think they're very effective and are definitely a sign for me to shop at Bens more often.

As always, Mesh Head clothing always offers stunning details such as well placed material shine, realistic folds and shading.

I found these stunning tatt's from Garden of Ku Tattoo's called "Niu Kua".  In addition, I'm wearing a tattoo on each wrist called 'Iron Cross' from Little Pricks.  Is that not the most precious name for a tattoo parlor? 

I stumbled across this fabulous curly do with shaved pattern at the back of the head from Unorthodox called 'JoliDopa Ponytail'.   Won't be taking this hair off in a hurry such is my love for it.

I GOS'ed again.  I've had my eyes on these 'Angelina Peeptoe's' for weeks and needed little (read NO) encouragement to go get them to wear with this outfit.  With heels as sublime as these, I'll lick my own feet.  I wonder how many GOS shoe purchases before I have a shoe named after me????  I think it should be called "THE CHALICE SANS CALLUS".

Notice the leg tattoo that's a part of the 'Niu Kua' tattoo set.

I wore my Fishy Strawberry lace cycling pants again.  Designers of SL...make me more, MORE, MORE.  Different lengths, patterns, colors.  I just love them as I think they definitely tart up an outfit.  In my opinion, I think we could use a more creative use of leggings like Fishy has done.

Okidoki.  Off to style another outfit. Boi for now.


Hair: JoliDopa Ponytail in black from Unorthodox
Skin: Betty in Pale tone (Make Up #2) by Belleza
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in London Fog Shadow by Mayfly
Body and Leg Tattoo's: Niu Kua from Garden of Ku Tatto's
Wrist Tattoo's: Iron Cross from Little Pricks
Dress: Vintage Metal Mini Dress by Mesh Head
Leggings: Lace Cycling Leggings from Fishy Strawberry
Shoes: Angelina Peeptoe in Black from GOS
Bag: The Ireben Carryall by Indyra Originals
Earrings and Necklace: Signs by Bens Beauty
Bracelets:  Sophistique in Dark by Je Suis
Location:  Inspiration Point


  1. Great post - I like your humor and your taste!

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment that just made my day. Peace and love xx