Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Think You're Full Of Shit.

Don't worry about some of my blog titles...they're often directed at my ex and how I feel about him at any given time particularly when I'm listening to my IPod music while blogging.  LOL

I jinxed myself.  After mentioning my biggest ever number of blog hits in my last post, yesterday was the lowest.  Fuck blog hits...I do this for my own amusement anyway so who cares.  OK I do a little bit but I'm going to shut up about it now.  Shhhh Chalice.

Today I'm featuring a dress I'd had my eye on at Manna.  In a way, its not usually the kind of dress that I wear but there was definitely something about it that captured my imagination.  Its attention to detail and colors are so lovely that I grabbed it yesterday and had a lot of fun styling the look.  It wasn't all that easy because the pinkish tones in the dress are quite unusual so a bit of TP'ing was required to accessorize but I love the result.

As you can see the details are unusual and the designer certainly wasn't afraid to play with color and texture.  I love the Mini Bucket Bag from Zenith and the pinky colored hair from Diva that give it extra pop.  I absolutely love the Zenith label to bits.

I used the color tones of the under top for the stockings which I purchased from Riddle.  I love the way they sell them in color sets of 5.  These are from the aqua collection.  Now the shoes were a bit of a find after visiting quite a few shops trying my hardest to obtain a good match.  I found them at Bliesen and MaiTai called Fandango.  LOVE THEM.

So to finish.  Thank you Ms Manna Yoshikawa for creating such a fabulous dress that totally won me over in the end.  You're quality all the way.

I think I may have mentioned not long back that I purchased a fantastic 29" computer screen which makes SL look so much bigger and better.  Well I had a full set of Altec Lansing speakers that I hadn't connected (actually read: couldn't).  My computer guy came over and plugged them in and set them up properly.  Then I purchased a top set of earphones so now I can click whether I want my speakers (for day time...blaring) or my headphones on (night time...blaring).  Computer time has become such fun and I really, literally tune out.


Hair:  Norma in Ruby (Halloween Gift 2012 - still available) with bat wings removed by Diva
Skin: Cleo in Europa tone (make up #6) by Glam Affair
Eyes: Vanity Eyes in Platinum color by IKON
Hands: Slink
Nails: Flair
Dress which includes belt and under top: Fleur de Sakura by Manna
Tights: Cozy Tights in Aqua's by Riddle
Bag: Mini Bucket Bag (Tribal Pattern) by Zenith Fashion
Shoes: Fandango by Bliensen and MaiTai
Rings: Pompeii by Bliensen and MaiTai
Necklace: Vintage Clock by Oh La La Fashion Boutique
Earrings: Phosphorus Club Hoops in Pink by Illusory and Aura


  1. Fabulous styling and I totally lol'd reading this post! ♥ :)

  2. Thank you so much darling Evion for your lovely comment. I really, really appreciate it. Love and peace...Chalice x