Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Now You're Just Somebody That I Used To Know.

WARNING: Sunglasses might be needed to view this post.

Fluoro is back baby.  Did it ever leave?  Not for the brave.  I picked me up some fluoro-tastic pieces starting with the 'Gradient Cutout Top' and 'Pyramids' earrings from guess where?  Fluoroescent of course.  The owner/designer, Grant Valeska-Cristy, did a fabulous job of these pieces.  His RL profile shows he's a young male designer and I'm really captivated that a young guy got this so right.  I'm not being condescending by any means because I'm just so impressed. It just goes to show that talent and ingenuity are not solely the domain of those with a few more years under their belt.

I found these white shredded leggings from SAKIDE in my wardrobe and thought the color really complimented the lower gradient of the top.  I found this fantastic beaded necklace set from Maxi Gossamer.  You get various necklace lengths that comes with a hud whereby you can play around with a whole combination of colors.  It's something that you can use over and over again changing the colors and lengths according to your outfits.  Very clever indeed Ms Gossamer.  She has some amazing jewellery that you don't see everyday so Chal's tip....go look.

I found the bangles at Pure Poison called Pety Bracelets.  Lots of different designs make up the set as you'll see below.

Look at my lovely avatar enhancement nails from Orc. Inc.  I love how Ms Orcsy gives us the most vivid colors and textures.  This one is from the Split Glitter fat pack and they just pop.  Thanks so much Nicole for sending them.  I can't wait to work my through the colors and patterns you've created.  Now I've been coveting these bags from Gos for a few weeks and knew it would be perfect for this outfit.  Actually I'm going back to work my through all the colors.  They sit on your arm so precisely even when you walk and that's something I appreciate in a bag.

Now I think I need to arrange a self exclusion policy from Slink darlings.  I'm in LOVE with Siddeon's add on shoes compatible with her mesh medium rigged and avatar enhancement feet.  These are called 'Glitter Peeptoes' in white but you can change the bow to contrast with the shoes.

Oh and this is my new hair from Analog Dog called 'Apple Moustache' in Platinum.  I love this style to bits. The hair flower is from ASO.


Hiar: apple Moustache in Platinum by Analog Dog
Skin: Cleo in Europa tone (#9) by Glam Affair
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eye in Deepening Spring Color by Mayfly
Hands and Feet: Slink
Nails: Split Glitter avatar enhancement nails from Orc. Inc.
Eye shadow tattoo: la vie make up in lemon from Label Mode (at Marketplace)
Eyeliner tattoo: Liquid Glaze by Boom
Top: Gradient Cut Out Top from Fluorescent
Leggings: Shredded Leggings in White from SAKIDE
Shoes: Glitter Peeptoes (add ons) in White from Slink
Bag: Shoe Bag in Black/Silver from GOS
Hair Flower: Elastic Dot Hair Flower in Green Apple from ASO
Earrings: Pyramids from Fluorescent
Necklaces: Pearl Necklace Combo from Maxi Gossamer
Bracelets: Pety Braclets in Black/Gold by Pure Poison
Ring (camera left):  Black Heart Ring by SAKIDE
Ring (camera right): Elenween Hexagon Ring by Manna

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