Saturday, June 1, 2013


My new friend, Alyssalillian McMinner, owner of ZERO COOL Designz and creator of Gacha Addiction and now the new DIGG IT! event must never sleep and her head just has to be buzzing with a gazillion ideas.  All great one's mind you.

DIGG IT! is an excellent concept whereby shoppers can purchase discounted items at 80% off the regular price.  You merely need to subscribe and purchase a DIGG IT! Tour Hud which gives you the information to visit the participating stores. Once customers purchase the tour hud,  you just use it whenever you feel like DIGGING IT!.  There's no stop or start time.  A whole range of stores will be offering these discounted items all the time and the hud gives you the information of where to go.  Participating stores will have a picture of the item on their kiosk and you need to find it and there you go, 80% off.

Now the important part for designers wanting to participate is the first 100 starter packs are free so you'll need to be quick to avail yourself of the opportunity.

No one can describe it better than the concept creator herself, so here is a LINK to Alyssa's blog which explains everything in detail.  She's quite the entrepreneur so get on board if you're smart.

It reminds me of a shopping tour that just goes on and on.  I remember going on one years ago with a few friends and a huge group of Greek women were on the bus.  OMG.  I was physically harmed trying to get off  at the different factory outlets by these women....CAN THEY SHOP!  Don't be standing between the 50% off 1000 thread count sheets and those women. You could die.

Here's a link to ZERO COOL Designz too.

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