Sunday, June 23, 2013

Can You Die From Drinking Tea?

I wasn't sure that I'd get this post out this morning (my time) because my eye lids were drooping and bed was looking pretty good....but dear readers, I persevered and finished it.

Today I'm in a casual look that came about from my recent purchase of the 'Loose Muscle Shirt' from Le Primitif.  Whilst the front is fairly plain, it was the back that captured my attention.  I mean not everything we wear has to hit you front's often the little details that one see's gradually in clothing that make it special.

My new spider tattoo from Tattoo Paradise was perfect to wear with this top. God knows why I'm wearing a spider because I have to call people to remove them if I see one inside at home.

I purchased these tartan boots from GOS called 'Slouch Boots' and re-textured the modifiable hat from LaGyo called 'Kirby' to match the boots.  The hat is usually white with black polka dots. The bag is from Zenith called 'Rattan Beach Bag'.  It comes with a hud which allows you to change the scarf, glasses and magazines.

I'm wearing one of the new hair releases from Truth called 'Colbie'.  See below for the remaining credits.

Now for some strange, quirky reason I've developed an overwhelming craving for tea.  This has been going on for about 2 weeks.  I was the quintessential coffee drinker owning a Nespresso Coffee Machine ® which I used until it screamed STOP, ENOUGH ALREADY.  I don't want coffee anymore.  I want Twinings English Breakfast tea ® sweetened with a tad of honey.  WTF?  How can one change so dramatically?  Very weird.

Cheerio from Chalice xx


Hair: Colbie in Light Blond set by Truth
Skin: Luria Skin (#1) by Glam Affair
Lip Tattoo: Cherry Lip Gloss from Little Petits Details
Eyeliner Tattoo: Liquid Glaze by Boom
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eye in Twilight Sea from Mayfly
Tattoo: Sensation Of The Spider by Tattoo Paradise
Top: Loose Muscle Top by Le Primitif
Pants: Just Jeans in Grey by Candy Doll
Shoes: Slouch Boots in Tartan by GOS
Bag: Rattan Beach Bag by Zenith
Hat (modified): Kirby by LaGyo
Bracelets: Wanderer Bracelets by League
Ring camera right: Eleween 11 Ring by Manna
Ring camera left: Silver Cross Ring by SAKIDE
Earring: Camelia in Golden by Kunglers


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