Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Three Cheers For SL Designers And Builders.

Hello fellow bloggers, non-bloggers and designers.  I've been thinking a lot about my blog and the fact that many of the designers I feature may not have the time to peruse the feeds or Flickr and in all probability, don't know that I've used their products.  I know if I was a designer and put in all the work it must take to stock and operate a store, I'd like to see my blood, sweat and perhaps tears receive some form of attention.

I have decided that each time I style for Chalice In Wonderland, I'm going to send each designer a note card in-world with a link so that they can see their products I used to make up my outfits.  Other bloggers possibly already do this but duh, the thought just came to me.

Why am I announcing it on here?  Well I wanted to make it clear to any designer who receives a note card that I am not doing it with an agenda to obtain any free stuff.  I merely want to let you know that I love your item, because I used it, and I'm grateful of your existence in SL making beauty for us to wear.

I would also like to stress that if any designer does not wish to receive a note card, I will add them to my list and not bother you...no problems at all.

Its perhaps that I'm not a designer of anything nor claim to have any special artistic talents that I particularly appreciate the work of others so much.   They have to do it for love because when you translate what they earn into real dollars, they'd have to sell a LOT to make a reasonable profit.  And I haven't even mentioned the builders of SL.  OMG.  I'm in awe of you guys.

So remember designers, this is about YOU, not me fishing for ANYTHING.


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