Friday, August 12, 2011

Grey And Red Ain't Dead.

Out on one of my shopping expeditions a while back, I stopped by Gato and immediately noticed the pattern on this dress called 'Vogue'. Not only did the pattern speak to me in a seductive tone saying 'come on Chal, buy me you tight arsed cow', I loved the fire engine red shirt insert at the bodice. Because I'm 150 foot tall in SL, the dress was a tad short so I added grey leggings from Oyakin for decency's sake.

I purchased the Lap Top bag in fire brick red from LeLutka a while ago waiting to add it to something and brought it out of moth balls for this outfit. I am in TOTAL love with the Ladies Who Lunch label (LWL) of Faint Paulse. I grabbed the Alejandro headdress and Gaga glasses from LWL so quickly I broke a nail. Lucky for me, my Pixel Mode sculpted nails grow very quickly.

No lungs were damaged in the making of this outfit. These cigarette's from Di's Opera Fatale pose series are herbal.


Hair: From Angel Hair.
Skin: Claudia2 Milky Glow Skin from LAQ.
Eyes: Icy from WAP Designs.
Lashes: Les Make Up Lashes by Miamai.
Dress: Vogue by Gato.
Leggings: Summer Leggings by Oyakin.
Shoes: Espirit xtd by Maitreya Gold.
Bag: Lap Top Bag by LeLutka.
Headdress and glasses: From Ladies Who Lunch.
Nails: Sculpted Nails by Pixel Mode.
Necklace: Mad Clown by glow studio.
Rings: I'm Your Present Rings by glow studio.


  1. Why Miss Cha Cha.. I am so glad you popped over to the Pot Farm Post and left a lil note / grin... I have now discovered your blog and you! Not only a lanky tall model type... I do so admire the look.. But you are also a filled with a lil bit o' the humor. and I love to smile.. So I decided to come visit your fashion blog.. from one blogger to another... Nice Blog.. I will return.. YAY.. and thanks for stopping by earlier

  2. Awww Whisper...thank you so much for your lovely comment. You've made my day twice now :-)