Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fifty Shades Of Grey...Shut That Book And Listen.

Am I the only one in the universe who hasn't read these yet?  When I was in hospital not so long back, all the patients were swapping around the book parts it resembled a library.  Regardless, I've stolen the name for my post title thanks to Ms. E. L. James. I love this little number I pulled together predominately from one of my favorite stores, mon tissu.

When I purchased the pleated skirt, gathered frill blouse and superb wool blend jacket, I wasn't sure how they would look together but  need not have worried because mon tissu just gets it RIGHT.  I mean look at the assembly of the woolen jacket with the pinched waist, over sized belt and perfect folds resting on the hips.  The cute shoes are also from mon tissu called Cottage Flats.

Look at that lovely shirt frill and flower decoration on the lapel called French Pouf.  What I loved most however, was the Traveler Bag also from mon tissu that has the most amazing detail  on it.   It's just so RIGHT.  Designer Elle Spot has certainly mastered quality fashion and perfectly engineered clothing pieces and I swear you have to go if you haven't already, although I can't imagine anyone who hasn't had the pleasure..

And I'd like to introduce my parrot called "Youidiot".  He does have a bit of trouble locating his stand and here he's contemplating a dip in the pool.  This is my new home called Modern One from Pre-Fabulous.  Just another in my massive home collection.  I love it guys and can't wait to see more in the future.

Hair:  Inverted in Marilyn tone by LeLutka
Skin:  Linn in Light tone by Glam Affair
Nails: Prim nails from Pixel Mode
Jacket: Wool Blend Jacket in Grey from mon tissu
Skirt: Highland skirt in Grey from mon tissu
Shirt: Gathered Frills Blouse in Grey from mon tissu
Shoes: Cottage Flats in Grey from mon tissu
Bag: Traveler Bag in Grey from mon tissu

Yes I'm wearing the same designer but I still combined separates to form a great, classic outfit but with a modern touch.


  1. You are bloody kidding me? When, how why, what? Tell me more Eros, all knowing, all seeing.

    You'll both flip your feather duster's when you hear what happened to me. Hugs to you both...but only is you aren't kidding and playing with my mind.

  2. Well ... when we say we are back, its only been about 2 days ha .... Hello Poppet. I do hope all is OK in your world and RL .. I was concerned when I read your first life profile in SL x

  3. Hi sweetie - God its good to hear your name :-) Yep...the marriage I thought was impervious to all external sources went up in flames when he walked out in March. I'm still climbing Mt Everest but I can see the peak. Men!!!!! (sorry Kasen). I'm going to be a non practicing lesbian until I die. You love a man with all your heart and they just step all over it. I will survive however because I won't give him the satisfaction to see me fail. You knew what I was like about him Jula - I only had eyes for him. Once I've dusted off, I'm going to really experience everything I can through my own eyes in my own way xx Hope so much to talk soon.

  4. Don't have to say you are sorry to me. I know how men are, but have to add that we are all not like that.
    If anyone can climb Mt Everest it is you!
    Have you checked out my new blog for men and how we think?
    Starting out slow only have 5 post in 4 days! Hope all of us can catch up in world one day soon!