Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: A Blog With Heart And Soul - Take A Bow Khit

I had some RL drama to attend to so haven't been active in the past two weeks.  Things have settled and upon returning to peruse the fashion feeds, it struck me that there is one blogger I wish to pay my respects to. 

Ms Kitten Kurka produces a gem of a blog called Kiss Kiss With Khitten Kurka and it's one that always makes me smile and feel good.  Apart from the fact that it's obvious a lot of work goes into it and she consistently produces stylish and informative posts, it is her dedication to representing the real woman she is that makes me just love her.

Khitten describes herself as African American and that her avatar is a SL representation of her in RL.  She says:
I am dark skinned.
I am curvaceous. 
I am beautiful.

Beautiful she certainly is and it's so refreshing to look at her pictures taken all over SL and see that curvaceous women have a voice when it's so easy to choose the stick insect option.  I did...I can assure you I'm not 6'5 with boobs that lean more north than south and a stomach that is concave.  The fact that she shows us that fashion applies to all shapes and sizes in SL makes her very special in my eyes.  

Khit also models and I hope to see more of her beauty in magazines, on catwalk and in store promotions.  

Sometimes the loud, persuasive, drama-laden blogs get lots of attention, which is perfectly okay by me, but it is the quiet achievers with a positive message that deserve acknowledgment too. 

Everyone send Khit a Kiss back :-)


  1. What a total surprise Chalice!! I send a big hug and tons of kisses your way. TYVM for checking my blog and "getting" the point of it all.

    If I am one jewel in the crown, you are the star on top!!

  2. Bless khitten. You are very very welcome my love. xxxx