Monday, February 13, 2012

Just You And Your Hand Tonight.

When I walked in {.essenses.} the other day, I was magnetically drawn to the mesh Quilla dress in glorious burnt orange with Aztec inspired trim.  I put it in the wardrobe waiting for my chance to style a look when time permitted.

The dress comes with a shape; however, wishing to keep my face, I modified my own shape to fit the mesh dress and it was no hassle at all.  I love it darlings and I urge you to take a trip to {.essenses.}if you're looking for something different.

My heroine hairdresser, MyStiCa Matova from Bizarre Hair shared her collection with me and I proudly and unashamedly will be profiling it at every opportunity, such is the divine quality and reasonable cost for perfection.  This one is fittingly called 'DIVA'.  Well if the hair fits and all....

I found these killer clunker heels at Azoury.  They're more like boots with the burnt orange base and black knitted uppers.  Exotically called 'Les Talons Ixia', they add verve to the outfit, don't you think?

The superb bracelet, earrings and necklace are called 'Luanda' and was a blogger review gift from Amarelo Manga.  Thank you to  Luana Barzane and arturcosta Akina for the thoughtful blogger review package.  Everything in it is fantastic. 

As to the meaning of my blog title, well its St V's day tomorrow and Cha has no manz to share it with in SL so bugger you all....(insert cackling maniacal laugh here). 

To all involved in this look, you rock my world.

Diva hair in Dirty Blonde by Bizarre Hair.
Jadis V2 skin by Glam Affair.
Teeth layer from Bella skin from Redgrave Skins.
La Vie Blue Make Up tattoo layer by label mode.
Prim Nails from Pixel Mode.
Blackbird Handbag from label mode.
Bronze Minerva rings from label mode.
Quilla Mesh Dress by {.essenses.}
Les Talons Ixia Shoes in Orange by Azoury.
Luanda Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet by Amerelo Manga.
Sunrise Eyes in Pale Grey by IKON.

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