Thursday, March 15, 2012

Catching Dreams With My Bizarre Hair.

According to the Native American Ojibway (Chippewa) tribe, dreams that humans have while asleep are sent by sacred spirits as messages.  According to their legend, in the middle of the Dream Catcher is a hole.  Good dreams are permitted to reach the sleeper through the hole in the web and bad dreams are trapped in the web only to disappear at dawn with the first light.  Usually hung over a child whilst sleeping, the Dream Catcher has become a popular object around the world.

MyStiCa Matova of Bizarre Hair has incorporated the charming Dream Catcher into a stunning style of the same name.  Shown here in Dirty Blonde, I just love the extra's in this hair pack.  The Dream Catcher can be attached at the front and back and comes with earrings and necklace (not shown here) included.  The little feathers, almost pale blue looking to me, are just perfect and the height of the hair allows enough room for the Dream Catcher's to show off their full effect.  Way to go MyStiCa.  Your eye for the dramatic makes these styles so perfect for models in both runway and photo shoots and of course, for bloggers wanting the unique..

Now on to my gorgeous dress.  This is another stunner from Aleida picked up from my shopping spree last week.  Its called "Wippy's Choice" (my choice too Wippy) and the lace work is exquisite.  With lovely bell sleeves, cummerbund with a spray of black flowers at the waist and plunging neckline edged with scalloped lace, its the LBD that will take you anywhere, but most likely to bed.

Somehow my hand slipped on the TP button and I ended up back at Similar Footwear AGAIN so I thought I'd grab another pair of know, since I was there and all.  This pair is called 'Poison' and at the front, they are held together with the daintiest of chain links with an option of silver or gold or even laces for a heavier look.  ME LOVES.  The ladies from Similar (Larisa Tylman and Simone Bonham - I think) have an amazing notecard that comes with the shoes explaining how best to match up your skin.  Stupid me only referred to it with this new purchase and I would have saved myself so much time if I'd just followed it in the first place.  I won't give it away because its their property and should be explained only when you purchase their shoes but I found it super easy.  I know some of you have an astute eye when it comes to skin tone matching but I am definitely challenged in this area...been in SL since 2007 and I still click aimlessly on the color palate or get my RGB all wrong..

With the Aleida dress, Bizarre Hair, Similar shoes, Glam Affair skin and my ultimate fave Label Mode bag, if I looked like this in RL, my Dream Catcher would be working overtime.

Due Credit:

Hair: DreamCatcher from Bizarre Hair
Skin: Linn in Light by Glam Affair
Eyes: Utopia Pale Grey Blue from IKON
Eyeshadow Tattoo:   Blue Strong Kajal by LpD
Eyeshadow Tattoo: Smoke in Frost by cheLLe
Dress: Wippy's Choice by Aleida
Shoes: Poison by Similar Footwear
Bag: Blackbird by Label Mode
Necklace/Bracelet/Ring: Nouveau Rose in Lilac by Eclectica 
Nails: Pixel Mode
Do you know darlings, if SL profile search worked efficiently instead of taking forever to open, I'd be able to blog twice as fast.  I spend more time putting LM's on my blog than collectively taking pics and writing it up.  

Chalice wishes you all a happy day and again, if you have any LM's to share of smart looking runway's, please share them in-world.  No-one responded last time and I feel a bit emo  :-(

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