Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Kind Of Bliss.

I remember when Amutey DeCuir was being interviewed on the Frolic Mills Show years ago and she struck me as a passionate, fun and charming person who certainly knew her stuff when it came to designing in SL.  Who hasn't graced the imposing entrance of Bliss Couture?  I for one recall racing over there straight after the show and fawned upon room after room of truly inspirational fashion and accessories.  My inventory once again needs to be spring cleaned because how could I have overlooked this fabulous dress I purchased a little while ago?  Styling inspiration came easy but color matching was a little more challenging.

Here I give you Bliss Couture's 'Sarahjane' dress in 'Sky'.  A delight to photograph and even more of a delight to wear.

Now this dress deserved something special to compliment the stunning depth of color and I thought the 'Miss Ocean' hat from BaObA would be just the thing.  Seriously if you haven't yet had the BaObA experience, go there now and marvel at the millinery of Petalos Clary.  I've always loved LoQ's 'Apple Pie' hair and didn't want to wear anything else for this outfit.  Fortunately for me it was modifiable.  I had it in my mind to shorten the length and used a transparent texture and edit linked in edit mode.  I love the way it came out.

Some 'Mermaid' earrings in 'Sky' from Label Mode was the only jewelery I felt necessary and added two lots of peacock tattoo shadow (see below) for extra intensity.  I wore Jardis V2 skin from Glam Affair and my much loved freckle tattoo from Glance Skins 'Daphne' range in addition to creating a new shape.

 It's no secret I'm a Similar Footwear fan and just adore these 'Ravenna' heels in 'Cyan'.  I don't think we've ever been more spoiled for choice with the range of quality footwear available throughout SL.  I'm wearing 'Criminal Tights' from Nemesis.  My god they do brilliant tights.  Oh and go check out the new range of Utopia eyes from Ikon (formally Fashism).  Designer Ikon Innovia is the Prince of Peepers.

If anyone has any land marks to great looking runway's that I could use for some pics, could you send me the LM's in-world?  Only if I'm allowed to use it mind...don't want to drop smack bang in the middle of some runway show and have my sorry ass ejected before my fabulousness even

Down to business:
Hair:  Apple Pie (modified) by LoQ
Skin: Jadis V2 light by Glam Affair
Freckles Tattoo: Daphne skin range by Glance Skins
Eyeshadow Tattoo: Peacock eyeshadow (group gift) by LpD
Makeup Tattoo: la vie make up in blue by Label Mode
Hat: Miss Ocean by BaBoA
Dress: Sarahjane in Sky by Bliss Couture
Tights: Criminal Tights in White by Nemesis
Earrings: Mermaid in Sky by Label Mode
Shoes: Raveena in Cyan by Similar Footwear
Location: Invisible Cities - teleport around for a good look and play around with wind light.


  1. Stunning outfit and photography :)

  2. Thank you darling Asia. From you, that means so much. xxx