Thursday, February 28, 2013

High Pants...Low Energy.

Do you have days in SL when you take pics but nothing seems to look good?  The lighting, even though you've used the same presets before, just doesn't work and you give up that great idea for a white background.  That was me taking this set.  I tried 3 different locations but I just couldn't light my avi properly and went home, faux fur between my legs, opting for the easy life. Grrrrrr.

Anyway, here 'tis.

Today I'm primarily featuring two great designers I came across at the Flawless sim, Shine (pants) and Orquidea (top and hair flower).  Honorable mentions must also go to Kathrin Dassin of Moon Dance Boutique for the amazing nails that actually sit where they are supposed to and Redgrave for the fabulous Nikki Heels that are color change.  I do love the foot on this shoe and I managed the HUD very well.  If you can't find the nail design you want at Moon Dance then you're a whinger who could never be pleased.  Kathrin's note card indicates she will tint the nail glove to your favorite skin if you can't do it yourself which is very 'handy' for me.  Just type in "/1moondance l or /1moondance r" to select both left and right nails and a menu appears to change the easy.

The Style Card:
Hair: Addison in Marilyn tone by LeLutka.
Skin: Mila in Pearl tone by LeLutka.
Eyeliner: Liquid Eyeliner in Brown by LeLutka.
Lipstick: Mango Tango in Pearl tone by LeLutka.
Nails: Be Mine nails (texture change) by Moon Dance.
Top: Vintage Red Top With Shoulder Bow by Orquidea.
Pants: Highwaist Marlene Pants in Taupe by Shine.
Shoes: Nikki Heels by Redgrave.
Hair decoration: Mechanical Orchid in Red by Orquidea.
Location: That lazy person's place...excuse me if I don't share the LM.

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