Friday, February 19, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: Don't Be Jealous Of My Pants.

I'm on a mission at the moment that has been taking up some time.  I'm creating a note card in alphabetical order of great photography sims with a brief description and LM.  I'm doing a few every time I log on and it's one of those tasks that becomes bigger the more you do it.  The catalyst being my endless searching for LM's in my inventory or in the search engine for places I vaguely remember and my frustration in trying to recall the names.  Once done, I'll be happy to share with anyone who doesn't have a one stop shop of photography LM's.  There are a few kicking around but I've found the one's I was given have a lot of old LM's. To the people who's bedroom's, bathroom's, lounge-room's and kitchen's I have landed in, I'm very sorry.  I promise my eyes were closed until I could find my TP button.

I've been wanting to share these pants with you for a few weeks since I stumbled upon iLLNiniA Palmer's shop called Ninia.  I saw them across a crowded room and had to have them.  I'm a sucker for dots, retro and thongs so thought I'd combine the lot and jazz Chal up a bit.

I brought these thongs a few days ago from JB Gazov's store aptly named J's Main Store.  Now I learned something the other day that probably all of you know but me.  I can find the color of my skin by going into the Advanced menu, down to UI and then at the very bottom, select 'SHOW COLOR UNDER CURSOR'.  I was able to select the skin close to the prim foot of these thongs, and using the hud, move the arrows up and down until the numbers matched those at the bottom of my screen that gave the numeric value of my skin color.   OMG what a difference.  You can wear with or without thongs and the feet are great in my opinion.  Little toe rings turn my lumps of meat into sexy toes :-)

Anyway enough talking cause no-body reads the words anyway lol.  Here endeth the rant on my pant(s).  These pics were taken at some of the great sims I'm cataloging.

Oh yeah...little message for Truth Hawkes.  Man you just get better and better.  Would you make a hair and call it Chalice....pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssse :-)  I wouldn't even care if it was a merkin.  Look that up guys...didn't even know they existed until one of my friends told me to 'stop jerkin your merkin'.  Needless to say I howled laughing for an hour. 


And the important stuff:
Skin:  Ife Light Make Up #1 from LeLutka
Hair: Joanna in Champagne from Truth
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Blue #4 by Nany Merlin
Lashes: Bedroom from Cake
Undertop: Jersei Punto GrisAzul created by cekin Karas (no longer available)
T-shirt: Aqua top by Maeva
Pants: Retro Dots pants by Ninia
Shoes: J's Flip Flaps (Aussie for thongs) by J's Main Store 
Earrings: Berlioz in Sky by DeLa 
Watch: Flight Compass watch by Indyra Originals
Nailpolish:  from J's Main Store

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