Friday, February 12, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: Tossers, Trollops & Tools

SL can bring the best and worst out in people.  The best has been some of the great blogging challenges designed to bring the blogging community together and pay homage to those who make a real difference.  I've really enjoyed reading those.

The worst tonight was some anonymous twat who responded on someone's blog with a post so nasty, so untimely and so inappropriate that sitting at home in my haven with my fluffy cat and adorable dog who lower my blood pressure just being around me,  I felt like punching said person in the balls or boobs.  I don't know which because of course, they're anonymous. 

Don't you feel so helpless when someone is just so wrong, and nasty and lacking in compassion that it makes you seethe?  There's little you can do other than write your protest down in a response but it's ineffectual really and does little to exorcise the anger you feel.

Well I needed an outlet as I was seriously contemplating performing some voodoo hoping that each pin I thrust into my teddy bear would hit it's mark with Harbinger the Anonymous.  So I did what any fashionista would do....made a T-Shirt as a protect to this drop-kick piece of crud.  So Harbinger...kiss my ass tootz.  May karma nip at your heels all your days.

Bless you Em.


  1. *hugs you*

    Holy cow, this post made me cry.

    And LOL, yeah that WAS kind of a shock this morning. Wow.

    Thank you, Chalice. ♥

  2. My pleasure darling Em. I'm sending you a virtual mojito, a trash. mag. and some Jo Malone bath salts. Hope to hear more of your crazy, fun, wonderful and inspiring life again soon.