Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: Home Sweet Home

It's taken a while but I think I've finished decorating.  I've purchased things I thought I'd like only to end up replacing it with something I liked more.  I do love my SL home because unlike my RL home, it's peaceful, quiet and I'm  It's my head space away from the frenetic craziness of my life, which I love by the way, but it can get a bit much.  Shopping was so much fun and with only 1225 prims to play with, I think I did good.

I wasn't happy with the water nor my previous off-sim islands so as of today, I went shopping to rectify the situation and now I finally have what I'm happy with.


Relaxing on my new jetty.

  • Off-sim jetty from The Beach Store 
  • Chair comes with 2 female/male poses and 1 stand where you lean on the back of the chair.  Also coffee table from LUXus Design.  Fab chair and awesome shop.
  • Artisan lanterns from Scarlett Creative.  I love, love these.
  • Off-sim island from Heart Garden Centre.  Only 20 prims and it gives the feeling of more space. Heart's would have to be one of my favorite SL businesses.
  • For my water, I have used a combination of OneDom Magic Water Wave Reflections, IKoNoS Coral Reef Visual Sim Expand and Mediterranean V3 Wave Collection by Antreas Alter
  • Candles only 1 prim each  by Plush Pod

Sunset from the jetty.

I purchased these gorgeous little birds that move and chirp.  I named them Jula and Vixie cause they never shut up.

  • Little birds come in a variety of colors and for $180L, you get 2 scripted birds and 2 non-scripted.  I purchased these in green and violet from Happy Mood.
  • Deck chair in various colors from Scarlett Creative.  Look at that texture.

A birds eye view of my little piece of SL.  Well at least while I keep paying tier.  I finally went from rezzing boxes on my head to setting up and landscaping my own place all by myself.  Only took me 2 years but better late than...oh never mind.

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