Friday, May 18, 2012

Remember The Old Days.....

Do you ever wish you could go back to your early days in SL when discovery was the name of the game?  When every time you logged on, your learning curve was steep and it was exciting, fresh and new.  I often think of my first year and how I seemed to be continually in awe of something and thrilled when I learned a new trick.  I still love SL (obviously because I'm still part of the family) but just like life, I've fallen into familiar patterns and routines and have stopped seeking out new adventures, other than styling for my blog.  Unfortunately those hilarious, confusing and innocent days have gone forever.  I'm an old hand now and will never see SL again in all its wonder as I did in that first year.  But I will say, the fashion has never been better.

So on with my look...

I'm sorry but I had to bring out my Celoe 'Lo Long Trousers' in Cement out for a second airing as I love them so much.  I undertook a massive inventory clean out...and I mean MASSIVE.  I found this lovely soft, floral shirt from Label Mode called 'Blair' in the color Sandy.  I wondered how they would look together and I'm happy with the result.

Some elements of vintage really worn with my new elikatira hair called 'Locked' in Blond. I remembered my pashmina belt in beige by Veschi and added this for some extra flair.  Unfortunately I looked and looked and couldn't find the LM to Alla Ruff's store.

I am in serious love with Cheer No's Kamala wicker bag range and this one in FAKE 'snake' makes me very happy.

And speaking of cheers, I give three of them to Label Mode's lovely Blair shirt.  Its impeccably constructed..


Hair:  Locked hair in blond from elikatira.
Skin: Daphne By Glance Skins.
Freckle Body Tattoo: X-Gen Make Up Freckles by Miamai.
Lashes: Double Wing Lashes by Apple May Designs.
Nails:  By Mandala.
Eyes: Utopia In Pale Grey/Blue from Ikon Eyes.
Shirt: Blair by Label Mode 
Pants: Lo Long Trousers in Cement by Celoe..
Pashmina:  Veschi (make by Alla Ruff) - cant find LM.
Bag: Kamala wicker bag in snake by Cheer No 
Bracelet: Mysterious by Je Suis..
Ring: Minerva Bronze by Label Mode:
Earrings: Simple Round Gold from Ear Candy.
Shoes: Aequus by Maitraya Gold

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