Monday, November 15, 2010

I LAQ Nothing Today

I had a lovely little spend up at Laqroki last night. I thought I would try out the new Glow skins and I must say, I really liked them and purchased Claudia 2. I couldn't go past the hair bases designed specifically for the Glow range and of course, I had to have the LAQ hair attachments too. Then I meandered around the clothes shop and was compelled to buy the gorgeous white trench coat and boots. I must advise though that the boots do not have a resizing script so you will have to do this manually through edit. I did it and if I can, you can. The Laqroki hair attachments are stunning let me tell you. Only a small range in blond but their darker hairs are amazing and all are of excellent quality. I have sent a message to LAQ's designer, Miss Mallory Cowen, to see if she could make more hairs in blond...I ADORE THEM MALLORY.

The bag and scarf are gifts from Septem Essentials and are well worth the trip to pick them up. Septem have a fabulous range of bags and clutches so you might walk out with less money than when you walked in.

Now for these pics I used the shadow option in Viewer 2.2. I want to direct you to Dancien Graves' post in Shopping Cart Disco on tinkering with your video card graphic settings to improve SL's stability and performance. I swear since doing this, SL has never run better for me and I'm using 2.2. Thanks Dancien for sharing. I'm enjoying SL like I used to. The best thing I did was let go of Viewer 1.23. It was an anchor that was dragging me down and now that I've done a little research, it appears that it's no wonder...its becoming incompatible. I tend to stay with SL viewers rather than TPV's so it was important for me to find solutions and I have. Viewer 2.2 is the bomb for me and I couldn't be happier.

Here's the links to the designers:
Skin: Claudia 2 in Milky tone from LAQ
Hair Base and Eyebrows: Blond in Milky tone from LAQ
Hair Attachment: HB Updo #1 tone in Blond from LAQ (more more)
Eyes: Dazzling Ice Blue from LAQ
Lashes: LesMakeup Lashes from Miamai
Jacket: White Trench from LAQ
Boots: White Knee High Boots from LAQ
Leggings: Python designed by sayaaKa Boa
Bag and Scarf: Mono Dot by Septem Essentials (free gift)
Poses: exposeur (great poses)

Yes...this definitely is a LAQ look.

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