Sunday, November 7, 2010

Urban Glam GizzA Style

Sometimes you just need to get in touch with your RAWWWW and Spicy Leo from GizzA was just the ticket. This outfit was sent to me last night and I was immediately struck by the brilliant textures of the pants and fur lined top in addition to the very well made accessories that came with the outfit. The designer is Giz Seorn and he's got talent to burn.

I'm Regal Rock Chick with Beehive and I'm using the excellent acoustics in this enclosed bridge to practice my scales ready for my gig tonight.

Spicy Leo comes with CFM boots and the cute pink ipod in the jacket pocket.

Take a good look baby. You're gonna remember my name. Well I hope you do. I've had so much to drink, I've forgotten it.


Hair base, Donna hair attachment, lashes and eyeliner from Miamai Fashion Creations
Skin: Zora from LionSkins
Runny Mascara: From TikTok
Pants, Jacket, Tattoo, Top and Boots: Spicy Leo from GizzA
Glasses: Heart Glasses from MiaSnow
Bracelets: Spiked Bracelets from Blitzed
Poses from exposeur


I'd really like to thank everyone who reads my blog and to the wonderful designers who take the time to send me things to profile. I do appreciate you all and while I try to get things on the blog as quickly as possible, I'm always on a tight time frame due to RL commitments. I hope you understand if I just can't get around to it in a reasonable time but please do IM me in world and give me a prod. Love you all.

Don't forget too, if you want to be on my couch as a guest, you can follow the guidelines here. Come show off with me.

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