Friday, November 12, 2010

The Many Faces Of LionSkins LEA.

LionSkins LEA with add on's to burn.

Lion Jonesford has a new release about to hit the scene called Lea and I tell you SLifer's, it's all about the ADD-ON. Having to buy a fat pack of the same skin tones with different make ups is history. Purchasing one skin tone with add-on's is the future and Lion is taking us there in her colorful space ship at warp speed. The ability to interchange make up, eyeliner, hair etc not only with a LionSkin base, but other skins allows us even more individuality.

You select your skin by purchasing either light, red or dark brows in either Pale, Sun or Sunkiss tones of skin. Lea is available in two different looks, Teen or Adult. Then the real fun begins by selecting your favorite make up's, eyeliners, hairs, hair bases.  Knowing Lion, the selection will be mega huge and she'll be adding to her add-on's as time goes by.  Here's a little sneak peak at some of the different looks Lion gives us wearing the Lea base with her tattoo layer add-on's. This skin is all about having fun.

Above - Here I'm wearing the Lea Adult base skin in Pale with an add-on make up and her amazing add-on Head Undies. (Please note that Lion assures me she has thoroughly washed her undies before turning them into head wear).

Above - Another make up and hair base add-on.

Above - Wearing the red hair base add-on and a different make up.

Above - Are you getting the idea. The possibilities are endless.

Above - Another make up choice worn with Lion's eye liner add-on. Beautiful.

Above - This is the natural Lea base. What I adore about this range is the variety of looks one can achieve from young and funky to avant-garde and edgy.

Above - Wearing the dark hair base with dark brows. The hair bases are sensational and I love the definition of the hair line.  Lion also made the top in this picture.  It's just the most fabulous thing ever.  The left boob is actually a weapon and I'm not afraid to use it.

Here's the limo to LionSkins.  Remember, don't drink n drive.

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