Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not Without You Cashmere Pye

SL is naughty today because I can't take pictures having constrain proportions enabled. All I get is a black mess when I download. Off to the SL forums to see if I can search for a cure. If you don't avail yourself of the forums you really should. They offer so much valuable information on the mechanics of SL that just a little bit of research has culminated in Viewer 2.2 working like a charm for me.

I always get a buzz when I unearth a new designer, new to me that is, and I found this label recently on one of my expeditions. Not Without You has produced my new favorite top that I'm featuring today. Actually it is a dress with a very well fitting prim skirt attachment but I chose to create the outfit with pants. Cashmere Pye is the designer behind Not Without You and I think she shares my love of bright, sassy pants. I wore her Beauty Box pants a couple of posts back and I just couldn't help heading back for more of her collection.

The top/dress is called Cha Cha Fanny Fae. Seriously, it was meant for me given my SL nickname is Cha Cha. It comes in an array of stunning colors and textures and is so beautiful worn that I'll be bringing this out often. The sleeves are just adorable.

LeLutka have released some new hair and this is Aradia in Blonde Fun. I love the dead straight fringe and silky tresses that have just the right amount of flexi at the ends for realism. The tone Blonde Fun has very natural streaks and highlights.

I'll be showing some more of Cashmere's items in future posts. Check the style card below to see who created this look.

Skin: Lola in Pale by LeLutka
Lips: Lola tattoo lips in Natural Matte by LeLutka
Lashes and eyeliner: Les Make Up by Miamai Fashion Creations
Hair: Aradia in Blonde Fun by LeLutka
Top: Cha Cha Fanny Fae by Not Without You
Pants: July Black by Glam Affair
Shoes: Mishima Dawn Suede by Maitreya
Bag: Tesage by Yorim's Factory (Gatcha Machine)
Necklace: Pearls Cross necklace by Noir Lily Jewellery
Bracelets: Adele Bangles by Indyra Originals


My thought for the day. Yes I did find a thought swimming around in there.

I've always wondered why people follow nearly every conversation involving items with 'Got a landmark?' From the day I worked out how to search, I've used it for everything. Now I'm not having a go mind you but it seems people would rather ask someone for it than search themselves. Just think about this lovelies. When you ask for a LM, some poor person has to open inventory, search n rifle through their folders, find it then somehow pass it to you. It happens so much in group chat I find. You mention something then 100 people chime in with 'got the LM?' My opinion: I've found so many amazing things when I search. Not just the place I'm looking for but places and people I didn't know about.

Here endeth the SLesson.


Be beautiful...inside and out.

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