Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm A Lady Who Lunches.

Sometimes you purchase one item because you love it and then wonder, 'what am I going to do with this'? I've been sitting on this OTS Tutu in mint from Ladies Who Lunch for ages because I knew it would take a bit of effort to style given the item only consisted of the prim Tutu and nothing else. Regardless, I hoped that if I could sift through my stuff and find something I liked to go with it, I might achieve a one off look that I was satisfied with.

I rather like what I've thrown together which come from a few different sources. Unlike a normal tutu that sits on the waist, this delight is asymmetrical and travels around one shoulder sort of like a crazy sash that Miss Universe/World would receive. I loved the mint color but it is available in a good selection of other color options. Great job to the ladies who make things for the Ladies Who Lunch

I remembered the Rare headpiece from LaGyo I purchased the other day because I loved the huge ribbon effect. I simply can't get enough of hats and hairpieces and LaGyo has some stunners.

I've been enjoying all the mesh products on the feeds but am loathe to download V3 just yet when V2 is actually working for me. I might become mesh-ified when I get my new super-dooper fast computer. 

Skin: Jadis V2 in light from Glam Affair.
Hair: Base and Puka in Essence by Vanity Hair.
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in pale mint by Fashism.
Hairpiece: Rare from LaGyo.
Nails: Milky Way Silver Prim Nails by Mandala.
Tutu: From Ladies Who Lunch.
Top: Top from white bodysuit by Erratic.
Pants: Basic White Leggings from fri day.
Shoes: Grace in white from DeLa.
Necklace & Earrings: Manhattan by Eclectica.
Bag: Sway hand bag by Septem Essentials.