Saturday, September 3, 2011

Strangled By Her Skinny Jeans.

"Skinny Jeans: The name given to punk "drainpipe" jeans when they came into fashion recently. Also called ciggarette pants. They are made of a stretchy material and get slimmer near the ankles. Usually worn by girls but indie/emo/scene/skater/punk boys also wear them. It should be noted that skinny jeans for boys are looser around the crotch so wearing doesn't make you sterile, as alot of ignorant emo haters claim" (Source Urban Dictionary)

Always on the hunt for a good pair of SL jeans, I came across these at Candy Doll a while back and thought I'd give them a plug. Great shading and they come with ankle prims and have a cute belt at the waist. Putting the outfit together, I found a folder from Hello Dave as part of the Platinum Hunt and couldn't believe my luck when I tried on the Wire Boots in denim. They are fantastic and I love the laces effect at the heel. Then I tried on the tops in the folder and couldn't go past the Immeasurable T in a great slate blue color. Great stuff from Hello Dave.

Another find I purchased recently and was waiting to blog is the gorgeous scarf from Cashmere called Dolce. The drape and folds are perfect and contains a re-sizer script to fit all avi shapes.

Unfortunately I missed going to the gym last night and this morning so my skinny jeans will have to stay in the wardrobe for a bit longer.

Skin: Jadis V2 in light tone by Glam Affair.
Hair: Charlize in Marilyn tone by LeLutka.
Eyes: Sunrise eyes in pale steel blue from Fashism.
Nails: Sculpted Metallic nails from Pixel Mode.
Jeans: Just Jeans in Gray from Candy Doll.
Top: Immeasurable T from Hello Dave.
Shoes: Wire Boots from Hello Dave.
Earrings: Antonia in silver by DeLa.
Bracelet: Heavy Metal Bracelet by Paris Metro.
Bag: Tote by Berries Inc.
Scarf: Dolce by Cashmere.

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