Monday, September 26, 2011

Spring Has Sprung.

Coffee? Tea? Me?

Hi babies...well while I appreciate many of you are enjoying the glory of autumn, my reality is SPRING. I was enjoying a shop-a-thon the other day at the Modavia sim and found this gorgeous body suit in House of Fox that I'm wearing as swimwear. Because I've already had a few swims in RL, I wanted Chal to don a swimsuit and get in the sun. Look at the wonderful texture and colors of the Asmara Bodysuit. Gorgeous no?

I also wandered around the Jewelery Fair and fell in love with the gold bracelets and heart earrings from U&R Dogs. Can I make a suggestion without being shot? I found some of the vendor poster's and general marketing presentation of some jewelery designers lacking in inspiration and creativity. Perhaps if you stand back with a critical eye and also visit some of bigger known designers you will see that tiny little posters where you can barely see the pieces, poorly taken pictures and using ill-lit avi's is not the way to seduce shoppers to buy your wares. This doesn't just pertain to some of the Jewelery Fair participants, but anyone with a store selling stuff. In my opinion, retail is one situation where 'judging a book by it's cover' well and truly applies.

I notice a few people have blogged about the amazing shoes of Similar Footwear. Well I'm on the bandwagon too because they are quite something special. Here I'm wearing Grosetto in Tan Suede and I'm in love, love, love.

Take a look at these tootsies. Aren't they amazing? If only my RL feet would get on with uber high heels, life would be perfect.  I have a limit of around three hours, then the flatties come out. lol

OK me got more to blog...ta ta.

Hair & Base: From Miamai.
Skin: From Glam Affair.
Eyes: From Fashism.
Bodysuit: From House of Fox.
Shoes: Similar Footwear.
Bracelets and Earrings: U&R Dogs.