Monday, October 3, 2011

BoHo HoBo Show Girl.

I tried so hard to get this post out before the Boho Fusion Fashion Show on Sunday 2nd October at 6.30pm organized by Avante Modeling Agency. My favorite designer Trill Zapatero from BoHo HoBo was a part of the show and despite having completed my BoHo HoBo shots, it was midnight before I finished and I just couldn't bring it home. Sorry Trill but I do have some BoHo HoBo magic to share. I hope it was a huge success and I'm just sorry I wasn't able to attend to cheer you and the other designers on.  Don't forget all proceeds from BoHo HoBo is donated to RAWA - read here.

Click pics for more detail.

The skirt, the red leather jacket and the adorable hat are from BoHo Hobo.  Amazing Trill.

Hair: Paper Couture base; Bra Top: freebie made by Taz McCoy; Earrings: Kunglers; Nails: Pixel Mode; Shoes: Similar Italian Footwear, Skin: Glam Affair; Eyes: Fashism; Ring: Finesmith.

Again, the skirt, turquoise leather jacket and hair piece are from BoHo HoBo.  Me LOVES.

Hair Base: Paper Couture; Hair Attachment: MADesigns; Top: ElyMode; Earrings: Dark Mouse; Ring: EarthStones; Shoes: Courtisane; Skin: Glam Affair; Eyes: Fashism.

Look at the fantastic necktie skirt and black leather jacket.  Too gorgeous for words.

Hair and Base: Vanity Hair; Top: Somnia; Bangle: Paris Metro: Necklace: CheerNo Femme; Earrings: DeLa; Skin: Glam Affair; Eyeshadow Tattoo Layer: Miamai; Shoes: Box Coen.

I need to tell you that these jackets and skirts are AMAZING.  So well made and with a re-size script, so easy to fit. Do your self a fashion favor, go get something wonderful at BoHo HoBo.  I am an unabashed fan if you can't tell.


  1. Love the burst of colours, especially in the first few pics!!

  2. Oh that Trill just puts colour in my life that's for sure. Thanks for visiting Lisa xxxxx