Friday, October 21, 2011

It's Show Time With LionSkins And Friends.

A  wizard, Fro, who loved to create beautiful woman had gone insane from all the beauty he had created. As a result, his models began to deteriorate.  In horror the wizard ran to the strongest witch he knew, her name was Lio.

Because of the wizards selfish needs, the great witch Lio cursed the wizard by making his beautiful models, not into the ethereal beauties he had created, but into decayed beings.  The witch called them the BLOODY'S LINE and the models began  a new fashion era in Boulevard City, strutting their zombified skins with intense ferocity.

With the help of other witches from the land, the BLOODY'S LINE created clothing, poses and shoes that matched their transformation in a beautifully horrific way.
Run for your lives!! Eight top designers have been turned loose on  Second Life  and bloodshed is expected!

Come join us for a bloodbath of a fashion show. 

Friday 21 October at 2pm SLT.

LionSkins presents Azul, Aleida, Sweet Antidote, Deity Jewelry, Nardcotix Shoes, Avante Poses, Vita's Boudoir and of course, LionSkins, with her new line of bloody tattoo's.


All outfits and tattoo's from the show will be available from LionSkins afterwards.  This is one show you DON'T want to miss.  Here's a drop of blood to tantalize your taste buds.

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