Monday, October 24, 2011

Little Girl Blue.

While my fashion tastes are expansive and I love raw and edgy, sometimes a little winsome femininity soothes my senses.  I built this look from the Monica skin from Glam Affair that was a giftie at Modavia Fashion Week.  The pearly blue eye shadow and soft, luscious lips are quite exquisite and gave me the excuse I needed to bring out the Blue Roses Headpiece from LaGyo that I've been itching to wear.

It was at this point I went scouting for clothing pieces to create my Little Girl Blue look.  I hit the jackpot at Gizza Creations with this most feminine top called Bon Bon Blouse featuring girly bows and lace.  Given the ornateness of the blouse, I opted for simple shiny white leggings from Emery with spiked cuff that complimented the Otranto heels in white from Similar Footwear.

I'm loving 'My Beauty Case' from Les Petits Details (LpD) and just had to have it.  These pics are taken at LpD's mainstore at GoldenSand Island and encourage you all to go there for a look.  You absolutely won't be disappointed. 

Hair is a new release from Vanity Hair called 'Mimmi' and its a very chic razor cut bob with hair base that is a particularly great option to wear with clothing where you want to elongate the neckline.  The delicate powder blue earrings are called India Dangle from Junk Jewelery and my favorite prim nails from Pixel Mode.

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  1. I love this refreshing powder blue look! The beauty case is so adorable too!