Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nardcotix Takes Over Second Life.

Nardya Rousselot makes stunning shoes., there's absolutely no disputing that.  How lucky are we that she has expanded her Nardcotix label to include the most amazing dresses and hats on the grid.  I spied them at Modavia Fashion Week and was utterly impressed with what I saw but when I received them one morning when I logged on (thanks Nardya x), upon closer inspection on Chal's body, well they are even more beautiful than in the pictures.  Her talents in millinery are unrivaled in my opinion and I take great pleasure in showcasing her work.  


Please click on the pics for a more detailed view.


Look 1.


Look 2.


Look 3.


Look 4.


Look 5.

Look 6.

 I love these dresses and hats so much.  Classic, timeless and oh so stylish, I want to congratulate Nardya on creating some kind of wonderful.  Ok, go forth and be elegant.


Look 1:

Dress, Shoes and Hat: Nardcotix.

Boa:  Liberte Fashion 

Earrings: U&R Dogs 

Stockings: Battered Boudoir 

Hair and Base: Paper Couture.


Look 2:

Dress, Shoes and Hat: Nardcotix .

Clutch: Designed by Monyo Kararan (no landmark available).

Earrings: JeSuis.

Nails and Ring: Mandala

Hair: Elikatira


Look 3:

Dress, Shoes and Hat: Nardcotix.

Necklace and Earrings: Sixty Nine.

Hair and Base: Vanity Hair.


Look 4:

Dress and Shoes: Nardcotix.

Necklace and Ring: Fairy Tale.

Earrings: Eden Jewelery.

Hair and Base: Vanity Hair.


Look 5:

Dress, Shoes and Hat: Nardcotix.

Earrings: EarthStones.

Neck Adornment: Created by Wo7 Zarf (sadly passed away).

Glasses: primOptic.

Hair Base: Paper Couture


Look 6.

Dress, Shoes and Hat: Nardcotix.

Hair: elikatira


  1. A million kisses! These turned out terrific :)))

  2. Thank you baby cakes...when you have such wonderful clothing to work with, the pics take themselves :-) Love you.

  3. Thank you so much Lisa :-))) I really appreciate your lovely words. xx