Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Do You NuDoLu? You Really Should.

"I love my outfit...I love my outfit" she sings joyfully as she finds yet another new favorite store.  NuDoLu, remember that name and go shop sweeties.  I found this ever so cute mesh jumper and lace skirt outfit called 'Grande Tunique' in apricot.  You can wear it with the rose pattern as I have or just plain as both options are provided in the purchase.

I think the pattern is so lovely and the juxtaposition of woolen jumper with delicate lace skirt is quite unique.

I went to my favorite scarf shop, Zeerys, and found this lovely silk textile scarf in the tone Golden Leopard. My sweet clutch is a great find from Just Design Fashion Store called 'Hearty' in Sand.  My hair is from Ison called 'Leighton', a swept up messy up do that frames the face and shows off my 'Berlioz' orange earrings from DeLa.

I found another great location called 'Aear' for picture taking.

The cool boots are also from NuDoLu and I had to have them for this outfit.


HAIR: Leighton in blond tones by Ison
SKIN: Mya in pale tone (make up #0) by Belleza
EYES: Vanity Eyes in platinum by IKON
NAILS: By Flair
DRESS: Grande Tunique in apricot by NuDoLu
SCARF: By Zeerys
BOOTS: Bottes de boutons in Fleur by NuDoLu
BAG: Hearty Clutch in Sand by Just Design Fashion Store
EARRINGS: Berlioz in Orange by DeLa
RINGS: Anuttra by Mandala

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