Thursday, August 8, 2013

There Should Have Been A Spotty Spice Girl...Me!

I do love a floaty summer dress and this one caught my eye from Wirefly.  I adore the mono shouldered tiered dress with lovely blue spots that is the epitome of soft summer chic.

I found the 'Let's Swing' feathered hair piece in my inventory from a past purchase at Glow Studio.  If you know me, you know I simply can't go past a feather and not put it somewhere on my person.  The bangles are called 'Clair de lune' from U&R Dogs.

The hair is long and voluminous from LeLutka called 'Lorella'.  I really love this hair especially from the back.  LeLutka never leave me.  I would simply die without you in SL.

As for my spotty shoes, I found these for, sit down, $10L on Marketplace from Masha called 'Kristin Pumps'.  I'll link to Marketplace directly below.  My amazing pure white crocodile skin bag called 'Totem' is from Leverocci and is quality all the way.

As for RL me, I was lucky enough to go to 'Cavalia' last night, a mix of equestrian and performing art.  Being an equestrienne from when I was barely able to walk, truly appreciated the amazing horses and their trainers/riders performing the most amazing moves that I took years to barely learn and badly at that.  Pass-age, piaffe, half passes, pirouettes, travers, seemless transitions, flying changes...they did it all and made it look so easy while I sat there with my mouth on the floor wondering why I can only manage to execute these maneuvers maybe once in every ten attempts.  It was a magical show so if you ever get the chance to see it and you love horses, make sure you go.

Just before publishing this post I went for a shop at the Love Donna Flora Event and didn't run into a soul.  Hurry up before it closes guys.


HAIR: Lorella in Powder color from LeLutka
SKIN:  Mya in Pale tone (make up #2) by Belleza
EYES: Eternal Eyes in Ice by IKON
DRESS: Blue Polka Ruffles Dress by Wirefly (on Marketplace)
HAIR FEATHER: Let's Swing by Glow Studio
SHOES: Kristin Pumps by Masha (on Marketplace)
BAG: Totem by Leverocci (on Marketplace)
BRACELETS:  Clair de lune by U&R Dogs    

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