Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'm Blue By You.

I've got a thing for soft, pastel blue and when I spotted this ultra feminine mesh top at VoguE, knew I had to style it.  It shows off the girls to stunning effect and the delicate lace just sits off the body creating such a realistic look.

The bracelets are from Glow Studio...I have to give a huge, big thank you hug to Joselyn Anatine from Glow Studio for consistently making the most amazing accessories around.  Her immense contributions to my wardrobe over the years are greatly appreciated.   

I do think I must be the most stupid blogger around and here's why.  It was only completing this post that I used Marketplace to find me a bag.  I'm embarrassed to say it, but I always shopped by flitting around here and there wasting so much time.  A light bulb went off and I thought use Marketplace you stupid blond and I typed in 'bag'.  After a few pages I found exactly what I wanted...this little stunner called 'Scout Boho Bag' from Ison.  DUH.  While I do love getting around and seeing all the shops, this revelation is going to speed things up a lot.  Why did I just figure this out?

These mesh pants are lovely from Little Petits Details called 'Sela Jeans' in light blue.  Loving the waist treatment and wide floaty legs.

The hair I purchased from 'Hair Fair 2013' from Exile called 'Time and Sound' shown in light blond.  Beautifully simple and just drapes the shoulders.

Now I'm ever so confused about these gorgeous GOS heels called 'Eva Slingbacks' from the Baby Collection that I purchased on the 3rd of July from one of the designers events...I just can't think where.  I would swear they came in baby pink and blue but I can only find the pink in my inventory.  Does anyone remember them and did you have to buy the blue seperately?  I thought I was purchasing both the blue and pink...Gawd my memory is failing me darlings.  Regardless, these are scrummy gorgeous.

The photo's are taken at The Flowout.  Somewhere (oh my fading memory) I picked up a folder with some great LM's for picture taking.  Hit me up in-world if you want a copy of it.


Hair: Time and Sound in light blond by Exile
Skin: Betty in Pale tone (make up #3) by Belleza
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Twilight Sea by Mayfly
Liner Tattoo: Love My Eyeliner and Mascara by Boom
Body Freckles: By Miamai
Hands: By Slink
Nails:  By Flair
Top: Shar Lace Top by VoguE
Pants: Sela Jeans in Light Blue by Little Petits Details
Shoes: Eva Slingbacks (from Baby Collection) by GOS (may need to ask Mr Gospel Voom if these are still available for sale - otherwise plenty of other colors in store)
Bag: Scout Boho Bag from Ison
Bracelet camera left: Woven Chain Bracelet from Glow Studio
Watch/Bracelet set camera right: Boyfriends Watch with Bracelets in Rose Gold from Glow Studio
Ring: Vito Pink ring by Donna Flora
Location: The Flowout


  1. Wear the shoes and the hud. Click on the hand at the top left and then choose texture from the menu. You'll be able to change the texture there.

    Dojiba Sabra

  2. Awww thanks so much Dojiba. I so appreciate your help. :-)