Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pretty Is As Pretty Does.

I really do love pretty and I'm a sucker for floral muted tones especially if I spy a flower or two as accessories in the package.  This gorgeous top I purchased from the Love Donna Flora Event and is made by Gizza perfectly titled 'Romantic Rendez-Vous. While unfortunately there was no rendezvousing taking place, I took ME on a date and I have to admit I'm expensive.  The top comes with hair and waist flower and delightful beads of cream, dusty pink and sage.

Never being one to be constrained by fashion rules, I chose these 'India' jeans by ALB while bold in their own right, do reflect many of the tones contained in the top.

I couldn't wait to bust out my new bag from Alexandra Sautereau Collection Utility called 'The Ashbury'.  I love the colored leather look fringe and unusual material.

Zaara is currently having a 50% sale and I took advantage of it to purchase these 'Atiriya' stone bracelets.

Standing at the dock on the bay, I'm feeling pleased to have found another location for pics.  This time its Annwn Willows.

My inventory is in such a mess at the moment and I get so annoyed with myself when I purchase things to wear together and then forget where and what they are. Too much clicking and not enough sorting straight away is where I go wrong.  I need a personal assistant...NO...I need a cleaning lady. lol


HAIR: Carrie in Light Blond with Roots by Truth
SKIN: Margot in Europa tone (make up # 2) by Glam Affair
EYES: Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Deepening Spring by Mayfly
POLISH: By Flair
JEANS: India Jeans by ALB
BAG: The Ashbury by Alexandra Sautereau Collection Utility
SHOES: Lulu Add-on shoes in Beige by Slink
RING: Elenween Ring by Manna
EARRINGS: Violetta by Donna Flora
BRACELETS: Atiriya Stone Bracelets by Zaara

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