Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Copy Cat Fashion

Maybe there has been one, but I'd love to see a competition in SL where you have to recreate the look of someone famous. I recall doing something along these lines for a competition where we had to present a picture of our av as someone from history. I chose Madame du Pompadour and the wonderful Elysium Elde took my photo.

This was one of the more interesting competitions as it took some thought and leg work to recreate the wardrobe of someone from history. I placed second in this competition behind the irrepressible Mimmi B.

Anyway, being a tad bored one SL night, I thought I would give Pink a crack. I adore Ms Pink and if I could be anyone in the world, it would be her. I'm not one for wishing my life away but she's the package in my opinion.

Taking a photo from RL, I checked through my inventory until I was somewhat happy with the resemblance and took a snap. Trying, not very well may I add, to find the pose, the hair, the background etc was a fun challenge. Would love to see more people recreating a moment of a fav RL star in the blogs.

Here's the girl herself.

And here's Chal.

Jacket: The Bobbysocks Shoppe Isle/204/148/29

Leggings: Shiny Leggings in Pistachio from Malt

Skin: Redgrave Pale Moon Skin Womens Fashion/242/231/23

Hair: Yohkoh in White from Kin Far East/165/209/45

Bracelet: Soho Hardwood bracelet from JCNY.

Tattoo: Sexy Rose from Inks and Kinks

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