Friday, October 30, 2009

Saying No To Content Theft the Artist's Voice Way

CONTENT THEFT.  Two words of late that have some SL creators reeling in the wake of numerous content thieves who have been passing their wares out with full permissions.  If you believe what you read, content theft appears to be on the rise and has done some serious damage to those who have contributed to the fashion industry of SL. 

Vultures and parasite's they surely are but the buzz on the grid is that LL have been very inconsistent with the way they have been dealing with the problem which is no doubt very disheartening for those who have poured their creative soul and RL dollars  into Linden Land.

SCD have just blogged about the attempt of Artist's Voice to raise awareness of this issue with residents and LL alike.  Whether you agree with the plan or not, to me doing something is better than doing nothing.

I personally will not accept any items offered to me in case they are stolen and I encourage you all to do the same and tell your friends as well.

In thinking about content creators and their contributions, I imagined what SL would be without them.  This prompted me to put my thoughts into a couple of pictures because I consider our world, the world we all chose to visit for it's ability to bring color and movement into our lives in a way not always possible in RL, would be dull and empty without them.  So for that I feel we must band together and say NO in as many ways as we can.

I'm going to take a 48 hour stand even though I know it will hurt the creators in terms of income but then I justify that having your SL's work stolen from you with little recourse could be more damaging.  Wanting to be a responsible blogger, I wanted to use my humble site to add to the message.

Go Artist's Voice...I admire you for your proactivity...damn, is that actually a word?

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