Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ode to Eshi - Forever In Our Hearts

Flipping through the Fashion Feeds last night, I noticed a headline saying goodbye to Eshi Otawara from SL. It directed the reader to Eshi's blog where Irena, the RL Eshi, had written a heartfelt and amazingly insightful post about her reasons for leaving SL. It was such an honest and perceptive account about the battle she has been facing in recent times in assessing her quality of life whilst absorbed in this game we call Second Life. It strongly resonated with me because I too had to critically analyze what it was about SL that had such a hold over me for a while that I would put spending time in-world over other RL enjoyable pursuits. It took me to leave for months and enjoy an overseas holiday to cut ties with  the negative aspects of my life in-world and finally realize it had become unhealthy and that I was losing touch with reality. I have found the perspective and balance required to allow me to come back.  Although I do realize that this doesn't happen to everyone, there were  people who contacted me to say they too had struggled with their identity and RL priorities.

Irena's descriptions of Eshi versus Irena and which one of them was clearly coming off second best should be a wake up call to anyone, like me, who have ever compromised their RL selves for their avatar. Bravo, bravo Irena for realizing that there is no contest...the RL you is too precious and deserves all the self-love you can muster.  It has served it's purpose and now you must move on. It was entirely your talent we all enjoyed in-world but I'm so happy that you are going to focus on extending this beyond the confines of SL.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for making my experience in SL all the richer through your art works of various kinds. I didn't know you that well but the time I did spend with you I quickly came to realize what an amazing person you (Irena) were.  You created my Emu Egg National dress for the Miss Virtual World pageant last year and I was so proud to wear it. What you did with that dress, the small details, is beyond belief. I see it when I wear captured the essence of Australian-ness and it didn't go unnoticed by me.


So you gorgeous thing...go out and take your rightful place and shine like the diamond you are. Yeah we'll miss you but for those who appreciated your fashion designs, we have your legacy.

Best of luck Irena although I don't think you'll need it.  You have a beautiful smile RL from your piccies so use it :-)

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