Sunday, October 18, 2009

Miss Virtual World - Who Will It Be?

Competitions in any form bring out the best and worst in people but in SL, they are an entity all of their own.  I have seen some outrageous behavior from entrants in various competitions and I've seriously wondered if the person was 10 years old.  Borrowing Elton John's documentary title, 'Tantrums and Tiara's', it's perfect for what I have witnessed on occassion.  Interestingly though, one competition where I thought prim nails and hair would be flying all over Patch's place was the Miss Virtual World pageant when I was an entrant last year.  Nothing could be further from the truth in my opinion.  I was so pleasantly surprised that we all seemed to be genuinely encouraging  each other and I'd lay my recent holiday tan on the line that behind the computer, the girls weren't gnashing their teeth and swearing like wharfies.  Well if they were, it didn't come across in text or occasional voice.

I think competitions can be lots of fun but the one's that rely solely on avatar beauty where you send in pictures dressed in the organizer's outfits can have even the most mild-mannered person pushing over their Grandma and road testing every photographer in SL.  Linden's are spent hand over fist in the pursuit of the perfect, skin, shoes, jewellery purchased just to compliment that outfit you'll never wear again.  I can understand the impulsion but I've learned that the more time and money I invested the more disappointed I was and annoyed at myself when I didn't win which was most of the time.  Anyway I digress.

This post isn't meant to be negative or in any way detract from the Miss Virtual World finalists who when you think of it, cut through some mighty fine competition to reach where they are.  Like or loathe this type of competition, I can tell you first hand that a lot (LOT) of work goes not only into organizing it, but participating.  For that alone, these girls deserve some bravo's and air kisses..

I just wanted to pay homage to the 23 finalists who I know have worked so hard to deliver the best possible product in all of the separate tasks along the way.  I used a texture that Ryker Beck kindly provided on her Rezzable blog, had a dabble in PS, then took it in-world to create 23 Tee's.  I sent them pink one's in respect of Breast Cancer Awareness month with their names and country  on.  Regardless of what you think of MVW, there are 23 people who have put in enormous effort to prepare for this contest.  It does showcase the talents of designers, builders, scripters etc and any event that raises the profile of these people is good in my books.

So here is my little, some may say pathetic, attempt to say GO GIRLS. 

Have fun chickie's and remember to put vaseline on your teeth.


  1. What a beautiful Blog Chalice.. And thank you so much for your support! Really means a lot to me and I'm sure for the other contestants aswell!

    Melanie Sautereau

  2. Thank you so so much for your support Chalice, you are the sweetest! <3



  3. My pleasure Melanie and Mavi. Good luck :-)))