Friday, October 2, 2009

Halloween And All That Jazz

All Hallows Even is fast approaching on the 31st of October and whilst I have never celebrated it in any form due to being Australian, its great that I can get in the spirit of the lead up and the actual day in SL.

As usual there will be competitions, hunts and giveaways galore in the next few weeks and I took advantage of a competition currently running to get this devilish little number from SySy's Designs, a quality label well known to most fashion lovers in SL.

Any excuse to theme up a photo, I took myself off on my overworked broomstick for a ride around SL whilst the moon was full. After riding around checking what you were all doing during the night, I ended up at the Blooded Forest looking for Stingy Jack who I placed a curse on one day condemning him to wander the earth at night forever with a candle in a hollowed out turnip. Be careful little pumpkins or you too might end up in limbo if you try to trick me.

Hair: Spencer from Truth (Halloween giftie 2008).
Skin: LessThan3 - Pale - Disturbia 1 (Free Halloween giftie 2008).
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Green 2 by Nany Merlin.
Dress: Bitch, Please from SySy's Designs
Gloves: AyaV Fur gloves sold at Atelier.
Boots: Midnight Boot in black by Fuel.
Necklace: Chained Heart necklace by JuJu's Closet.
Stockings: Fishnet Schwartz by Awori Cassini.
Broomstick: From Jas Particles & Prim Things.

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